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Who’s Walking Who Dog Obedience

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A few more reasons to choose us –

1) We have the best training team. Period. Many of the head instructors have been by my side for over 20 years and most of our staff has been with our team for over 10 years. We all have a ton of experience…and combined, it reaches far above any other school in Ontario. We all have areas of expertise, so you get the best of the best. We work together to provide you with what you need at whatever stage of training you are in.

This is the number one reason to choose your trainer. We have experience in abundance.

2) We love dogs. We love everything to do with dogs. We love your dogs and we love our own dogs. Most of us are involved with dog sports or activities ourselves. We compete in Agility, Flyball, Rally or Competitive Obedience. Many of us travel with The SuperDogs or WoofJocks Performance teams. This means we are not only able to guide you towards your own goals, but are also persuing our own passions. In my opinion, the trainer you choose should still have their passion for dogs, and still be involved in something dog related for fun.

3) We are closer than you think. Choose your dog school carefully. Choose someone that will offer you a positive environment. We teach using motivational and respectful techniques. Positive does not mean permissive, but keep in mind that having a dog is supposed to be fun, so it is fine to laugh, joke and treat your dog while you are teaching them.

4) We have a Loyalty Program! Yes, we appreciate your loyalty to us and our mission to provide a motivational, educational, respectful..and fun training environment. If you register for any of our intermediate classes (Citizen Canine or No Leash) or more advanced classes such as Agility, within one week of the graduation of your current class, you will receive 10% off that next course. Enjoy!

5) It is my lifes mission to keep dogs safe. With this in mind, we do not allow any prong, choke or shock collars on our property. We are vocal about our beliefs. There is no reason at all to resort to using any of the equipment listed above. There is a wonderful sentence that applies. “When education runs out, frustration sets in”. So, please choose an educated trainer or a school that has both education and experience. Do not resort to physical punishment with your dog, and please do not be convinced by any trainer that the products above do not hurt. Patience allows for kindness. Lets aim to be both.

6) If you are considering doing Agility for fun…please know what we know. Please know that many of us started like you. Wanting to do a sport for fun. However, we were bitten by “the bug”. Before you knew it, many of us on staff traded in our Honda Civics for Vans 🙂
With this in mind, we teach Agility classes and they are fun. We do teach them with ourselves in mind. Knowing that if Agility is not taught properly and safely from the beginning, it may have to be all undone later on if you decide you love it as much as we do. It can be fun, but luring dogs over equpment is only fun for a while. Once your dog gets better, you will wish you had what it takes to have them speeding around a course, while remaining safe. We are your crystal ball. Take classes from those in the know, and those doing Agility now..for fun, recreation and sport.

7) And yes..we use food. I teach learning theory at the University of Toronto, to Psych students. We use dogs to show the effects of reward vs no reward. Yes, you can teach using fear and intimidation. You can teach using a “do it or else” attitude. Reality is that we can use rewards such as food, and have a well mannered dog. Using food to teach as task such as sit/down/stay etc has nothing to do with respect. Our dogs are taught using reward. They respect us. It is that simple.

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