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Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular, GPS, NFC and other wireless flavors are liberating us and increasing  ubiquity of our digital capabilities.
Our lives are increasingly embedded in our digital devices. When they work they make for a happy day. When they hiccup, falter or fail, they bring forth intense insecurity and anxiety.
We are mindful of these vulnerabilities and strive to alleviate them by offering fast and reliable services for repairing refurbishing and resuscitating your devices.

Serving customers in the GTA from two locations, we provide:

  • Expert repair solutions through trained and certified technicians.
  • Fixed, up-front and no-surprise pricing and fast repairs
  • We only charge for repairs after our customers are happy with the repairs, smile and thank us for a job well done.
  • Convenient locations situated less than 2 minutes from major highways , the 403 & the QEW .
  • Cheerful and customer-friendly stores.
  • You chill in our lounge with coffee, TV, WiFi and magazines while we alleviate your anxieties.

We are committed at all times to the following practices, driven by the imperative to nurture customer relationships through expectations and trust management :

  1. A firm commitment to the belief “be fair to our customers, while being fair to ourselves”. This has worked wonders over the years. This adherence is inviolable for us, and we are most sensitive to any questioning of our integrity, sometimes considering it a personal affront!
  2. A “No Surprises” price policy evidenced by up-front estimates approved by you before carrying out any repairs.
  3. A commitment to complete the repairs quickly, typically within an hour. We strive to ensure that a happy device is united with their happy owners in the shortest possible time.
  4. Your devices carry personal and confidential data and other identity information. We are mindful of this trust and work to ensure the integrity and safety of all your information, while striving to return the repaired solution to your care, ASAP.
  5. We do not subscribe to the belief that “the customer is always right”. In the domain of technology we have expertise and experience on our side, and we think users come to us for technical solutions for their wounded and disabled devices.

While we can, and will sometimes drop the ball, we can assure you we will do all due diligence in assessing any errors of omission or commission. When we find ourselves culpable we will happily offer apologies, and when warranted, refunds and/or rework at no charge to you.

Trust is a core component in this relationship and we hope you will give us the benefit of doubt when it comes to technical issues, just as you would with physicians, lawyers, etc. We urge all our customers to accompany their disabled devices with a generous helping of trust when they come to our store.

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