Schnitzel Queen

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Schnitzel Queen

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Schnitzel Queen on Queen East at first glance is a rather unassuming hole-in-the-wall place in a rather hole-in-the-wall part of eastern downtown. But walk in and you’ll feel like you just stepped in to the kitchen of someone’s home. It’s very small, with enough kitchen bar seating for 3-4 folks crammed in.

Karl the owner will gladly provide you with his finest schnitzel sandwiches, all under $10. And for $10, holy crapo these things are indeed huge! The slattering of savoury sauerkraut and other tasty stuff in a small bun… there is no way you can keep it all together before you even open your mouth and say ahh. Even half of a schnitzel is practically a full deli sandwich or a pretentious gourmet burger. Better make room in your tummy, lest you get schnitz-faced.

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