Sarah Mickeler


Sarah Mickeler

Full Description

Dr. Sarah is committed to your health and well-being and excellence in chiropractic care.
Dr. Sarah offers a variety of treatments including, but not limited to: soft tissue therapy, physical therapy, graston technique, use of the activator instrument, custom orthotics, lifestyle modification and exercise counseling.

Dr. Sarah’s safe, gentle, effective and integrative approach reduces pain, restores function and allows her patients to return to their lives…pain-free!
Prior to becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Sarah was a professional clarinetist. She is a member of the Performing Arts Medicine Association and speaks regularly on the topic of musician’s injuries: prevention and management.


Established in 2004.

Dr. Sarah has been practicing in the Toronto area since 2004. Her goal as a health care professional is to get patients active again by providing natural alternatives for common muscle and joint ailments. She has helped many find optimal well being through the use of evidence-based chiropractic care, providing patients with a wellness center that offers chiropractic services in a friendly and warm environment. She has spoken and written about key health topics such as musician’s injuries: prevention and treatment, women’s health issues, and nutrition. Dr. Sarah is also an avid athlete, having completed several marathons and triathlons.

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