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Established in 2003.

Perfect Accounting and Tax Services was started in 2003 with an aim of making bookkeeping easier for business people. Balancing the books takes a great deal of effort, and where you don’t have an idea, it can be very stressful. No one has to sweat it out by themselves, especially where important sales forecasts, profit and loss margins, among other important figures are at stake.

So far we’ve done a great job handling accounting and tax services for a great deal of clients. Many who walk through our doors are individual/self-employed business people, professionals in various fields (dentists, doctors, and lawyers), small businesses, online and home based businesses, religious organizations, community associations, and non-profit organizations. Our doors are open to all legitimate businesspeople, and as we have witnessed, clients out there like the work that we do, otherwise they wouldn’t be back!

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