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Master Thai chef Sasi

Often called the artist with the golden hands, Sasi was born in the epicenter of Thai cuisine: Chiangrai province in Northern Thailand. Her early influences came from her family’s traditional Northern Thai cooking which she happily describes as fundamental, fresh healthy and complex. Acclaimed as the best Thai chef in Toronto by respected food critic Sara Waxman, Sasi was the tour de force at the award winning restaurant, Me Thai. Sasi was invited to participate in the prestigious Bon Appetite Master Chef Series that features some of the world’s top chefs and had made appearances on behalf of Tourism Toronto.

Her ardent love of cooking, perseverance in her culinary creative process & mastery of ancient Thai cooking have developed her own unique food styles that succeed and surpass only by taste. All that — combined with immense talent — was the basis of a precocious career that won awards for her first two restuarants in Toronto. Fodors rates her cooking “the best Thai food outside of Chiang Mai”.

Chef Sasi is respected as the avant-garde of “haute Thai cuisine” which manifests the finest Thai cooking techniques, food artistry and a healthy cooking style that is cutting edge. Sasi’s early influence came from traditional Northern Thai cooking. Her renowned dishes: #54 Red Curry w/Lychee, Bankers Braised Curry Lamb with Peach, Andaman Bay King Prawns and Spiced Shrimp Coulis on Endive are so legendary that many trumpeted her the artist with the golden hands. While in Thailand, Sasi created a set of world-class dishes for the Bon Appétit Master Chef Series featuring some of the world’s most top chefs, which she later introduced in her Tasting Dinners that many found exhilarating. Such dishes: Crispy Morning Glory, “From the Land, Sea & Nature 3 in1 Dish”, Curried Pumpkin Soup, Golden Flower, and Roast Duck in Red Curry are why local gourmands are over the top. The spectrum of subtle flavours and layered textures from these dishes create an experience and discovery that guests will savour the memories and the anticipation of their next visit.


Her cooking has attracted a huge international following and attribution from food writers and bon vivants from aroudn the world. She has been written up in Britain’s Western Mail, Syracuse Times, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Chinese Ming Pao & Asianwave Magazine. It is not uncommon that out-of-town visitors often make a second visit to the restaurant before they leave town. Chef Sasi is a rising star on the Canadian culinary scene, earning the respect and admiration of many by being the first female chef in Canada and from Thailand to participate in a live Iron Chef Event.

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