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Japango is the definiton of hidden gem. A very teeny tiny hidden gem.

I ventured into Japango for dinner having seen high reviews on Yelp. What I failed to read was that it has roughly 6 or 7 tables in the entire restaurant. I’m sure my face was hilarious as I made this discovery upon entering. Thankfully, there was a table opening up shortly, otherwise I would have missed out on some phenomenal sushi.

Once I was seated, my server promptly brought me tea and took my order. I started with their green salad with ginger dressing. It tasted wonderful, the only downfall was how small it was. Then came my rolls: caterpillar and dragon. My WORD were they delicious. All of the ingredients, especially the fish are high-quality and fresh, plus you can watch the sushi chefs making them behind the bar. I couldn’t possibly find room to finish both rolls, but I am glad I tried two in order to get some variety.

The dinner was fantastic, I just would recommend:

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