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I ordered the vegan mozarella, mushroom and tomato buckwheat crepe. I want to eat another. Of course it is a savoury crepe, but they drizzled maple syrup on it, and it was to die for. The texture and taste of the crepe was perfect and there was so much non-soy vegan cheese inside it, they were very generous with it.

I don’t know why I didn’t order desert, that was a bad mistake.

The staff there were very nice too. One of the cooks (the owner maybe?) saw that I was waiting in line to order, so he came by and suggested some of his favourite dishes. I already knew what I wanted though, so I ordered it. I waited at a table by the window and enjoyed people watching Kensington market people. Then when my crepe arrived I downed it. I personally really like health conscious restaurants because I do think they are more creative and they really pay attention to quality and taste. The price was about $10 for a delicious lunch. Can’t wait to eat there again. Oh yes, I eat meat and eggs too and yet I was satisfied 😀

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