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Established in 2004.

Sun Sonic is a leading provider of both broadband Internet and telephony services and solutions for both residential and business customers. Our state-of-the-art technology coupled with our in-house expertise allows us to proactively adapt to the marketplace and focus on individual customer requirements.
Founded in 2004, Sun Sonic has grown to become one of the premier choices for residential and business customers alike.
We offer a feature-rich and cost effective telephony service which provides our end-users with an experience similar to traditional telephony services – often even better! By combining the basics of home or business telephony, adding a wide-variety of features to assist users in managing their communications needs, and empowering our customers to self-manage many aspects of their service, Sun Sonic has developed one of the most technologically advanced telephony networks in Canada. Many of our service plans include bundled North American calling along with all of the

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