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I had my Subaru’s timing belt and all the other timing belt associated parts and oil pump changed about two months ago. I could have just had the timing belt replaced if I wanted to but George advised me that since it was a lot of work just to change the timing belt, I might as well change all the other old parts since another part would likely break soon anyway. George gave me the parts at cost with no mark-up. He just charged for labor which was reasonable. I read online about my car and it is a time intensive job to just change the timing belt. I even checked to see if I could find a better price for the parts online and in the US but I could not. He also gave me Continental parts which is a good brand for the parts I needed.

My engine light came on three days ago and I went to see George about it. He checked and it was simply bad gas(gasoline that is) and he reset the engine light. No charge. Thanks again George. I won’t say where I got the gas but it was at a discount gas station.

Five Star service at Don Valley Auto.

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