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Daniel et Daniel Event Creation & Catering

Full Description

Since 1981, Daniel et Daniel has been operating from 248 Carlton Street, a renovated Victorian Building in downtown Toronto. From the two Daniels sharing an office in what is now one of our on-site supply closets and a single Renault 8, the combined experience and professionalism brought by the Daniels have built a diverse, energetic, young, creative and loyal staff of over 80 full-time employees (and 8 delivery vans) dedicated to planning and running successful events throughout the city.

Daniel et Daniel has proven that word of mouth and strong relationships, as well as a quality, consistent product is what builds loyal clientele. We pride ourselves on providing services, products and relationships that reflect our high standards from the first inquiry to the final payment and event follow-up.

Our Food

Daniel et Daniel’s roots are French and so in effect our food, services, and guest encounters are created and experienced accordingly. While our standards reflect the excellence and training of French Haute Cuisine and the love of fresh food is celebrated, we are located in the heart of Toronto. This energetic and diverse city is reflective of our staff; each bringing talent and experience, allowing us to excel in all types of cuisine. Our menus are fashioned with the utmost care, and the environment in which they are served is designed with the greatest consideration of the client’s and event consultant’s combined visions

Daniel et Daniel believes in offering the best product and service for the best available price. Our standards are high and so we have spent much time building strong relationships with suppliers that help keep our quality product priced affordably. Fresh, seasonal, local, whole foods are a staple in our kitchens.


We are fortunate to have a culinary team and a sales force that have innate tastes, both in our ever-evolving cuisine and in the presentation. We have built a team that believes in creating connections with clients through listening and investing personally in their events. We add our style to our clients’, integrating their needs with our inspiration, experience, and industry knowledge to create an environment that showcases our quality product, presentation and service levels. With our culinary expertise, we are able to work with our clients to re-imagine ideas, making the ordinary extraordinary, and in the process creating something unique for each client, showcasing their personality, creativity and energy.


Years of experience have taught us to be prepared. Always. Our staff are trained to ask a number of questions and our staffing ratios, food portions and set-up times have all been standardized and perfected.

Event Management

We thrive on new experiences and have created a successful Event Planning division, marketing our services to encompass the entire event, enhancing our product with specialty lighting, entertainment and décor services. We have partnered with the best suppliers in the city to provide their product and expertise, while our event planners can walk you through every step. Every year we attend International conferences in order to keep up with emerging trends and enhance our industry contacts and knowledge.

A Greener Environment

Daniel et Daniel is committed to finding and implementing innovative solutions for protecting the environment. Daniel et Daniel was involved in the pilot project on composting and recycling and was the driving force behind the implementation of the current system for restaurants and prepared food suppliers in the City of Toronto. As active members of the system it is estimated that we now recycle 95% of our waste. Company-wide, we recognize our environmental impact and responsibility in all aspects of our operation, both on and off-site. For a detailed list please see our Environmental Policy.

Giving Back

Daniel et Daniel believes in engaging and supporting our community, while helping those in less fortunate circumstances. In the past we have contributed to AidsBeat, Casey House, Free the Children (Me to We), Local Schools, Sporting and Art Groups (Cabbagetown), and the PWA Foundation.
We get many donation and community involvement requests yearly and do participate actively where and when we can.

– See more at: http://www.danieletdaniel.ca/company/history.html#sthash.Y2XNNjcK.dpuf

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