Churrasqueira Vila Verde Restaurant


Churrasqueira Vila Verde Restaurant

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The order was:  Shrimp Spanish Style, Calmari Crispy aka. deep fried with regular seafood sauce, whole chicken, medium rice, medium crinkle potatoes, medium salad, piri piri sauce, 2 pops, one MGD beers, half litre Two Oceans White Wine,  $72 +10 tip.

That shrimp dish has the best flavour i’ve had in ages it was exceptionally good. The calamari although fresh is not what i wanted, the left coast ordered it, i would have preferred the grilled. ¬†Nothing special. ¬†Definately get the Shrimp enough for four people as an app.

The chicken this time seemed to be really small, couldn’t figure out where the white meat was or decipher the chicken configuration at all. ¬†That said it was very tasty.

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