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  • Khao San Road

    Khao San Road

    $$ Thai

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    I've come here twice and so far I've tried the khao soi, khao yum, pad thai sam roas, and green curry. The wait was not too long (15-30m) considering the popularity and small size of the restaurant.
  • Canoe


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    Critically acclaimed to be among Canada’s best restaurants, Canoe’s unique location high atop the TD Bank Tower affords a breathtaking view of the city. The design is clean and simple, yet absolutely stylish—a brilliant reflection of this country’s rich, raw environment.
  • Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill

    Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill

    $$$$ French

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    Scaramouche has played a vibrant part in Toronto for more than thirty years. Domestic and international reviews have been uniformly excellent but to sustain a restaurant over this span of time requires the loyal support of our guests - every day. Our guests have come to Scaramouche to celebrate their most special occasions and many have also come to view it as their second home
  • Cirillo’s Culinary Academy

    Cirillo’s Culinary Academy

    Cooking Schools

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    Located at 4894 Dundas Street West, the Academy is in the heart of West Toronto’s Islington Village. It’s situated at the former site of Kirkby Hardware, a former landmark in this area. Cirillo’s Culinary Academy opened its doors on January 14, 2009.
  • Korean Grill House

    Korean Grill House

    $$ Korean

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    Go for the all you can eat. You're not paying for service, you're not paying for the decor, you're not paying for a unique dining experience it's $10 for all you can eat meat. Grill it yourself, ask for as much as you want, enjoy the food and the company and be on your merry way. The warm sake helps ;)
  • Good Egg

    Good Egg

    $$ Bookstores, Kitchen & Bath

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    I read about Good Egg in Toronto Life mag and casually stopped in. I almost wet myself with the amazingness that was Good Egg!
  • Pasta Pantry Fine Foods

    Pasta Pantry Fine Foods

    $$ Italian

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    I had walked past Pasta Pantry dozens of time and although unassuming, that's often times the best indicator of a great establishment (the door, a fire door it looks like, seems daunting and rather unwelcoming!). With a dinner to cook the next evening (pasta with lamb ragout), I meandered in, and Carlo, the proprietor, cut me up some fresh fettuccine (he did not have a wide enough contraption for papparadelle). Four servings of fettuccine came up to $6.50. He also gave me what seemed like dozens of tips on cooking and storage.
  • The Chef Upstairs

    The Chef Upstairs

    Cooking Schools, Venues & Event Spaces, Caterers, Personal Chefs

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    We are more than a restaurant. We are intimate, interactive and interesting. Our celebrated Chefs prepare outstanding menus using fresh, local, organic ingredients; pair each course with phenomenal wines; and teach you the skills to duplicate the same experience at home.
  • Aphrodite Cooks

    Aphrodite Cooks

    Caterers, Cooking Schools

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    Vanessa's culinary journey began as a cook with catering companies in and around the Toronto area. Seeking a deeper knowledge and understanding of food, she applied to the celebrated Stratford Chefs School. The intense training and the opportunities that the school provided led Vanessa to graduate with the Award of Culinary Excellence and a prestigious apprenticeship at one of Canada's top restaurants, Scaramouche. It was there she honed her skills and her palate, to understand that sometimes simplicity is the road to perfection.
  • The Loft by Longos

    The Loft by Longos

    Cooking Schools

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    After reading Tamara M.'s ROTD for The Loft, I became intrigued and went on-line to see what this place was all about. Living in Mid Town, the closest Loft location is at Laird and Eglinton - most classes here seem to take place during the day (when most of us without a trustfund are at work). Luckily, Longo's offers their cooking classes at various locations around the GTA.