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Established in 2010.

44 Wide Inc. is a boutique, large format print company. The original company was established by the father and son team but is now owned and operated by Andrew Collett and Benn Siegel.  Serving Toronto’s novice and professional photographic community we use only the latest large format Epson printers (9900, 11880) to produce the highest quality photographic prints possible today

Meet the Business Owner

Andrew C.
Andrew C. Business Owner

Andrew Collett (www.andrewcollett.com) is a celebrated Canadian landscape photographer.  Andrew started his career in the business side of visual design, and it was a number of years before he realized he had his own distinctive vision to express.  In photography he found a powerful medium into which he could pour his boundless creative energies.

Andrew is also passionate about printing the works of other photographers.  This is where 44 Wide comes into play; as a photographer himself, he operates his business using the latest printing technology.  Andrew is committed to quick turnaround times, employing the latest technologies and turning client work into masterpieces to be celebrated for years to come.

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